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Contra is made of of 4 rock'n musicians.

Ethan-Lead Singer,Guitar

Jason-Guitar, electric piano


Sam-Bass Guitar


The History of Contra
Contra, formerly known as Memory Hole, was formed in September of 2002, the original lineup being Ethan on vocals/guitar, both Adam and Sam on drums, and Caleb on bass. But as Caleb's interest turned more to guitar and Adam's more to drums, Sam picked up bass and they became a three-person band until late May 2003 when Jason joined. They changed their name to Contra in June after a change in musical direction, becoming a more progressive band and trying to develop their own sound.




Ethan sings and writes lyrics for Contra, along with playing the solo guitar. The most important thing to him is to develop a sound that is purely original and Contra's own, through vocals and through guitar, the guitar solos not being shredding, high, fast licks but instrumental segments that take the band in a more progressive direction. His main influences are Maynard James Keenan and Adam Jones (vocalist and guitarist from Tool, respectively), David Gilmour (Pink Floyd guitar), John Petrucci (guitarist from Dream Theater), Sully Erna (vocals for Godsmack), and Daron Malakian (System of a Down guitar).


Jason sees the art of music as a tool not only to feed the soul but also as one that serves an imperative purpose of self-expression.  Some ideas, he believes, can only be conveyed through a combination of melody and lyrics, both of which enhance the other.  He brings keyboard and guitar to Contra and hopes to bring new dynamics to the world of progressive rock. His influences include David Gilmour, John Petrucci, Daron Malakian, Adam Jones, Moby, and Nick Mason.


Sam is the bass player for Contra. He sees music as a way to vent excess emotions and also as a cool hobby. He is a diverse player and tries to keep things interesting, while maintaining a solid wall of sound for the band. He is influenced by bass players such as, Matt Freeman, Jordy White, Roger Waters, Jason Newstead, Justin Chancellor, Hunter, and Flea.


Adam enjoys tortillas.               O ya, he plays drums.

Equiptment: Pearl Drums, Tama and Pearl hardware, Sabian and Zildjian and Pearl Cymbals, DW pedals w/ iron cobra beaters, Vic Firth 55A.